Anchoas de Costera del Cantabrico: Exploring the Delicacy of Spring-Harvested Anchovies

Anchoas de Costera del Cantabrico: Exploring the Delicacy of Spring-Harvested Anchovies

"Explore the exquisite flavors of Cantabrian Anchovies – spring-harvested delicacies preserved in organic olive oil. Discover authentic taste and tradition."


These aren't just any anchovies; they are the embodiment of a timeless tradition that transcends the plate and becomes an experience. Picture the salty breeze off the Cantabrian coast, the lapping of waves against weathered docks, and the hum of fishermen's tales intermingling with seagull calls. This is the backdrop against which these anchovies have earned their distinction.

The Essence of Authenticity

These anchovies belong to the species Engraulis Encrasicolus, a name that might roll off the tongue just as smoothly as the sensation of savoring their fine, delicate flesh. Unlike their counterparts from distant shores, these anchovies are the genuine article, harvested from the Cantabrian Sea. Their flesh carries the whisper of the sea, and their bones, tender and barely noticeable, invite you to indulge without restraint.

A Symphony of Seasons

But what truly sets these Cantabrian Anchovies apart is the magic of their spring harvest—a time when nature herself orchestrates a symphony of flavors. Known as "Anchoas de Costera," these anchovies are plucked from the sea during spring, offering a taste that reflects the vibrant energy of the season. In contrast to their winter-caught counterparts, which travel to the northern seas and undergo a less favorable maturation process resulting in increased fat content, these spring-harvested jewels boast a leaner, more refined profile. This slim profile becomes a canvas for the sea's natural salt, which, through a careful curing process, imbues them with a flavor that's pure poetry.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Recognising these anchovies of superior quality isn't a mere science; it's an art form. Here are the markers of excellence:

  • Size: Look for a modest size compared to their winter counterparts.
  • Color: A delicate blush reminiscent of salmon hues speaks to their authenticity.
  • Texture: These anchovies gracefully part from their bones, leaving no traces of skin or excessive salt.
  • Taste: A dance of salt on the palate, yet balanced enough to elicit smiles instead of thirst.

A Culinary Odyssey with Siesta

In the spirit of celebrating this maritime legacy, Siesta introduces our Cantabrian Anchovies in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These anchovies have earned the prestigious MSC certification, embodying sustainability and excellence. With each bite, you're not just indulging in food; you're partaking in a timeless journey, a connection to a sea that's as ancient as time itself.

Embarking on a Flavorful Quest

So, imagine yourself seated at a rustic table overlooking the Cantabrian waves. As you unfold the story held within Siesta's anchovies, you're savoring more than just a dish—you're savoring an experience. With every bite, you're transported to those rugged shores, and with every taste, you're honoring centuries of tradition. This isn't just food; it's poetry on your palate, a voyage into the essence of the Cantabrian Sea.



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