Why Spanish Sea Salt Flakes Should Be Sprinkled On Everything

Why Spanish Sea Salt Flakes Should Be Sprinkled On Everything

"Discover the sublime touch of Spanish sea salt flakes—a culinary treasure from the sun-drenched coasts of Spain. These delicate crystals, harvested from pristine waters, unlock the rich flavors of every dish they grace. Embark on a flavorful journey that brings a sprinkle of Spanish tradition right to your table."

Salt isn’t just a seasoning—it’s the essence of life and flavor. Essential for survival, salt also unlocks the full spectrum of flavors our world has to offer. 

Mediterranean sea salt flakes, in particular, hold a special place in the culinary world. Harvested from the pristine waters along Spain's dramatic coastlines, these delicate crystals are celebrated for their unique texture and ability to dissolve beautifully on the tongue, leaving a subtle salinity that enhances the natural flavors of foods.

Try finding someone from Spain who doesn't appreciate a generous sprinkle of salt—we’ll wait. 

A Pinch of History

Salt production in Spain spans over 7,000 years, deeply rooted in the economic and gastronomic fabric of the country. Traditional methods of harvesting Mediterranean sea salt have remained largely unchanged since Roman times when salt was a valuable commodity used not only as a seasoning but also as a currency and preservative.

Let us not forget where the word “salary” comes from.

Our sea salt flakes are produced in a unique ecological setting within a natural park that spans 1,570 hectares. This park is home to a diverse ecosystem of over 40 species of birds and fish, which contribute positively to the quality of our salt production. For more than a century, the natural processes of wind and sun have been harnessed to harvest sea salt here, supported by the dedicated efforts of five generations of workers.

The Sourcing and Production Process

The journey of these sea salt flakes begins with the collection of Mediterranean seawater—pumping 500 liters per second into shallow, expansive ponds. These ponds are strategically designed to maximize exposure to sunlight and wind, which are crucial for evaporating the water naturally. Over time, as the water evaporates, salt crystals begin to form. This salt then travels through progressively shallower ponds, which increases the water's salinity and leads to the final crystallization. 

This meticulous year-long process culminates in our controlled indoor evaporation stages, where the distinctively textured sea salt flakes are finally crystallized. This traditional yet sustainable method not only ensures the production of high-quality sea salt but also respects and preserves the natural environment, leveraging the sun and wind without the need for additional resources.

Through this blend of historical tradition and ecological stewardship, we're proud to offer a product that not only enhances your culinary creations but also contributes to sustainable practices that respect our planet.

Why Sea Salt Flakes?

The appeal of sea salt flakes lies in their crunchy texture and the way they melt on the palate, offering a less intense salinity than regular table salt. This makes them perfect for finishing dishes—whether it's a juicy steak, fresh fish, vibrant salads, or even sweet treats like chocolate and ice cream where their salinic crunch offers a delightful contrast.

Find a bowl or container—preferably one with a lid—and place it next to your cooking area. When getting ready to serve a dish, grab a pinch of sea salt flakes for the perfect finishing touch. It will make you feel like a professional—trust us.

Perfect Pairings

In Spanish cuisine, the finishing touch of sea salt flakes is essential. Sprinkle them over pan-seared padrón peppers or a sliced red tuna from Spain’s south coast for a simple yet transformative effect. They are equally at home on sweeter, fruit-based dishes, such as sliced melons drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, where they can elevate the natural sweetness with a savory counterpoint.

You won’t find many spices in Spanish cooking, and that’s intentional. When the quality of the ingredient is excellent, there’s no need to hide the flavor when you can enhance it—a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil and you’re on your way.

Siesta Co.'s Commitment to Tradition

This was a special launch for us. We’ve never veered outside the realm of seafood, but then it dawned on us—sea salt is seafood. Our sourcing partners have much in common with those who source our catalog of seafood products. They deeply value tradition, respect our planet, and understand how to communicate with our oceans and waterways.

At Siesta Co., we are driven by a passion to share the rich flavors and traditional practices of Spain. Our new line of Spanish Sea Salt Flakes—available in natural, citrus, ginger, and black varieties—are sourced from the Mediterranean coast of Spain where they are produced in an eco-friendly salt park. This initiative not only supports sustainable practices but also preserves the culinary heritage that is integral to Spanish culture.

Our sea salt flakes are not just a product—they represent a story of tradition, quality, and sustainability. We invite you to try them and enhance your cooking with the taste of Spanish craftsmanship.

Are you ready to elevate your culinary creations? Discover our Spanish Sea Salt Flakes and sprinkle a little bit of Spain onto your next dish.


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