Battera Sushi by Saehee Cho

Battera Sushi by Saehee Cho

"Explore Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō fusion. Science meets taste in Battera Sushi recipe, uniting borders in a culinary delight."

Flavor is a story. Stories that unfold when we take journeys that weave together the diverse tastes of different cultures and moments in time. Here at Siesta Co., we've embarked on a rewarding adventure, blending the culinary traditions of Spain and Japan right into a tin; Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō. This tale only begins with mere ingredients, but it evolves into a story of a kitchen artist and a cultural bridge through food.

Saehee Cho: A Culinary Visionary

In the heart of this flavorful tale stands Saehee Cho, a luminary in the culinary universe. A cook, a writer, and a food stylist, her journey mirrors ours – a relentless quest to connect people and cultures through the universal language of food. To Cho, a dish isn't just nourishment; it's a conduit that weaves generations and communities together.

Saehee Cho's Journey: From Kitchen to Community

Growing up in an immigrant family, Cho recognized early on that food is the ultimate unifier of cultures. Her path, transitioning from baking cakes to leading Soon Mini, a platform that empowers farms to sell directly to consumers and grow crops in harmony with their environment and seasons rather than following restaurant group mandates, showcases her steadfast dedication to the community and the nourishing potential of food.

Tuna Belly Tinned Fish

Crafting Fusion: Saehee Cho's Battera Sushi

When we invited Saehee to create a dish using our reinterpretation of a classic Spanish tin, she delivered a simple culinary masterpiece: Battera Sushi. Imagine a canvas of perfectly seasoned sushi rice, meticulously topped with delicate cucumber slices. This foundation, a testament to her culinary creativity, is then crowned with Siesta Co.'s Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō – a revelation of our Spanish-Japanese fusion. As a final flourish, a drizzle of infused olive oil and your favorite seasoning transform this creation into a work of culinary delight. It's a dish that embodies elegance, freshness, and pure joy.

Battera Sushi Recipe

  1. Prepare sushi rice to perfection.
  2. Delicately slice crisp cucumber.
  3. Mold rice into a rectangle.
  4. Layer cucumber slices over the rice.
  5. Crown it with Siesta's Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō.
  6. Drizzle with infused olive oil (from the tin).
  7. Embellish with your preferred seasoning.

Elevating the Culinary Experience

But our journey at Siesta isn't just about flavors; it's about people. Our collaboration with the innovative YUZUCO and the visionary Saehee Cho is a testament to our shared devotion to culinary excellence. Whether you're reminiscing about travels or forging new memories at home, let our tuna belly in yuzu koshō transport you to a world where innovation and tradition converge on your plate.

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Let our tuna belly in yuzu koshō transport you to a world where innovation and tradition converge on your plate.