We Are Siesta

We Are Siesta

"We are Siesta Co. — a Spanish-American wife-husband team, living in Los Angeles and celebrating the wonderful flavors of our homeland. "

Growing up in Spain, we were raised on fresh, delicious food, much of it sourced from local orchards and the Mediterranean Sea. For us, shared meals are everything, and where memories are stored. 

After moving to the U.S. to further our training as physicians, we quickly began to miss the flavors of Spain, its incredible specialty products, and the easygoing aperitivo culture. Every time that we’d go back to visit our family in Spain, we’d return with luggage full of food—mainly conservas. 

Siesta was created as a way to bring a piece of Spain to the U.S. and share the flavors that we grew up with amongst food lovers in our amazing new home. We source our products from Northern Spain, a region considered to have the best seafood in the world. Our conservas are made following centuries-old tradition. Inside each of our tins, there is tradition and culture. Our products are wild-caught and sustainably sourced; containing exclusively all-natural ingredients and packed into organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our brand name, Siesta, is an emblem of Spain, a symbol of the good life. We encourage you to slow down and take that moment of pause, relaxation, and mindful enjoyment of the meal. 

Lucia Flors & Carlos Leiva

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